banner of a face mask on a mannequin head, an air duster can, and hand sanitiser gel on a yellow background


Dynatise disposable face mask 3 ply box 50

Dynatise Disposable Face Masks provide effective protection against dust, fog, bacteria, pollution, pollen and infectious pathogens

$ 44.95

Northfork liquid handwash 500ml pink

Northfork liquid handwash Ideal for use in bathroom and food service environments

$ 9.25

Clean plus iso clean surface and skin sanitiser 500ml spray

ISO CLEAN Surface & Skin Sanitiser is an all-in-one antiseptic, cleanser and freshener.

$ 11.45


Initiative hfc free air duster 400ml

Initiative HFC Free Spray duster is a quick and convenient way to remove dust and debris from hard to reach areas of electronic equipment

$ 13.95

Dynatise hand sanitiser and surface wipes tub 100

The Dynatise hand sanitiser wipes are Ideal for an instant clean up when you are out and about

$ 17.95

Clean plus vira san disinfectant 500ml carton 12

Vira San is a Hospital Grade Disinfectant

$ 180.46

Northfork neutral floor cleaner 5 litre

Northfork, an all purpose neutral cleaner that does not require rinsing

$ 14.70

Initiative universal screen cleaning wipes tub 100

Initiative Universal Screen Cleaning Wipes are ideal for all modern screen technologies, including touch screen

$ 9.96

Initiative cleaning wipes blue roll of 90 sheets

Anti Bacterial Multi purpose wipes

$ 19.40

Deflecto hand sanitiser display stand single a4 1.5m black/clear

Help keep your doors open and the staff and customers safe by utilising these hand sanitiser units at the front of your store and doorway entrances

$ 170.01

Rapidline automatic hand sanitiser dispenser white

Stay healthy with the Rapidline Automatic Dispenser, no pump or button required

$ 115.01

Rapidline hand sanitiser station white

Easy to assemble, durable stand comes in a subtle white powdercoat design to suit any space

$ 180

Trusens z3000 air purifier with sensorpod air quality monitor large room

Remote sensing has been proven to provide more accurate readings of the air quality in a room

$ 539

How clean is your workspace?

We stock everything you need to keep yourself and your workspace safe and healthy. Our home office is where we often spend over 2000 hours per year. We work, eat and play there and we need to keep it clean! Got a onsite visit, deliveries to do or meetings coming up? The keep yourself safe away from the office as well.