In this age of working from home, you deserve a better workspace than your laptop on the lounge or a cluttered spot on the dining room table. Working from home has many challenges, but your office set up shouldn't be one of them. If you are spending up to eight hours every day at your home office, you should be inspired to create your office environment equipped with the right office accessories and the right furniture.

To set up your modern office and home environment, it can be as simple as a new office chair or stand to improve your space. Setting up an ergonomic office solution will help you work in a more comfortable and productive environment.

To help improve the well being of yourself or your workers, ergonomic office furniture helps to reduce bad posture and streamline your workstation. Ergonomics are important to boost productivity with less exertion. With the large range of ergonomic furniture including chairs, desks and accessories, you will find something to suit your modern office set up.

We can help you find your perfect fit in our range of ergonomic desks and stands!

Whether you prefer sitting or standing at your home office, you need the right surface or desk to help you work productively. You want to look for quality products when it comes to your ergonomic office as you will be using them for long periods of time. Our complete range of office furniture is specifically designed for long hours and designed for your comfort as well as productivity.

With the need for more movement in our lives and the growing awareness of how beneficial standing desks are, you'll find that the standing position work stations offer a versatile office space. The trolley workstation is perfect for those who are on the go while at work or for those with a smaller office space. Alternatively, the spin desk bike with laptop tray provides those with restless legs and the urge to multitask, the perfect workstation.

The addition of a desk riser for your screen or laptop can help you achieve a better workspace on your current desk or act as a moveable office for those who are working from their kitchen table.

For all your home office needs, you will find options for:

  • sit and stand desks
  • height adjustable desks
  • electric height adjustable desks
  • standing position
  • height adjustment
  • workstation

Our huge range of desks and stands include best sellers like:

  • Adjustable electric standing desk with easy up and down control
  • Mobile laptop standing position desk
  • Spin desk bike with quiet pedal system
  • Stand alone adjustable workstation
  • Scissor deskalator with easy height adjustment
  • Office workstation with wireless charging and USB connectivity

Find your perfect lumbar support with our ergonomic office chairs

Lumbar support is important when it comes to choosing your office chair. Neck and back aches don't have to become the norm when working from home. When you choose a new office chair that is ergonomic and provides the correct support, you'll find you'll be less reluctant to get to work each day.

Finding a comfortable chair that is supportive is a perfect addition to your office. When you spend large portions of your day seated, you want to ensure that you are doing so in comfort. When you shop for a new chair to suit your home office or a new chair for your business, you want to find support and comfort. With the right lumbar support you will find your posture improves, not to mention no more back and neck pain from slouching all day.

From the classic office chair with built in back support, we have something for everyone. The perch stool and dyna stool are both perfect for those on the go who might be on their feet all day, while the posture chair provides a kneeling seat that naturally curves to your spine with a roller base for easy movement.

With the range of office chairs we have in stock we can help you find:

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Comfortable office chair options
  • Adjustable chair arms
  • Ergonomic office chairs
  • Ergonomic office chair
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Height adjustment

Our ergonomic range includes:

  • Quality high back chairs
  • Mesh adjustable task chairs
  • Knee chairs with adjustable height
  • Sleek Perch stools
  • Posture chairs with kneeling seats
  • Foam seated stools with pivoting

Find all your home office needs with our technology range

Whether you are looking to update your home office or your office building, having the right technology could be the difference between hours of work struggling with old equipment or ease of use with the latest technology. Having the right keyboard, mouse or headset can be just as important as finding the perfect chair or workstation.

For those who suffer with muscle strain or upper limb conditions like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), there are options to help relieve pain and provide easy access for everyone. Vertical mouse options provide more wrist support and can help avoid unnecessary Static Muscle Strain (SMS).

You'll also find comfort in the available keyboard options. With the wireless comfort curved keyboard, your hands will more naturally rest and type. Other keyboard types include the Logitech TV Keyboard with touchpad. For easy access to enter URLs and search items, the TV keyboard allows you to have smoother access with the help of your touchpad.

Wires on headsets were never designed for the worker on the go. That's why the wireless headset provides so much freedom. With the wireless headset with a built-in mic, you can easily cut loose from your laptop or PC and take your calls with you as you work.

In our range of technology, you can find:

  • Wireless Keyboards
  • Ergonomic and wireless mouse
  • Wireless headsets

Our complete range of technology includes:

  • Wireless keyboard and mouse set with the comfort wave design
  • Wireless keyboard with touchpad and D pad for Smart TVs
  • Ambidextrous vertical mouse
  • Ergo vertical mouse with nano receiver
  • Advanced wireless mouse with wrist comfort design
  • Wireless headset with build-in mic

Get the best in desk accessories

When it comes to sprucing up your modern office space, you want quality products that are going to enhance your experience. Creating your ergonomic workspace doesn't have to stop at your chair and table. Sometimes the details are what makes the difference in your perfect office station, such as the right desk accessories.

Options like the monitor riser help to provide an ergonomic position for your screen so you are not slouching over your desk all day. You'll find arms and risers for your monitors, something you'll never go back on.

When your screen is moved to your eye level, it creates a more ergonomic flow to your workstation and will help you correct your bad posture. For those with multiple screens, the double monitor arms provide you with more space on your desk and easier access to your screens. Screen monitor stands also come in options for single screens. The Quad monitor arm is designed for easy mounting access. This setup provides an ergonomic feel to any desk, stand or workspace. Alternatively, the Gladius arm is designed with gas lift adjustment so you can smoothly adjust your screen and find your perfect position.

Mouse pads are the perfect solution for those who are running their mouse along the back of a notepad or scuffing their desk. The plush memory foam mouse pad will also provide comfort as well as practicality. With laser-friendly technology, you'll find that you won't be tempted to throw your mouse out the window again.

The Gel mouse pad comes with palm support and is easily adjustable for any hand size or posture. This allows you to have more free mouse movement with a compact design.

The range of ergonomic products includes:

  • Standard monitor riser
  • Double monitor mounting arm
  • Revolve screen monitor arm
  • Plush mouse pad
  • Palm support house pad
  • Single monitor arm

From the ergonomic office chair to the perfect workstation

Creating your perfect modern office workstation can be as simple as the purchase of a new chair or be as elaborate as a whole office revamp from table to mouse pad.

If you spend your day at a workstation that has little to no comfort and a bad design, you'll find yourself with a back ache and a bad attitude at the end of each day. With the sleek ergonomic design of our office furniture, it is easier than ever to create the space you desire.


If you're new to working from home, or looking to upgrade your work office, you can access a wide range of products to help keep you comfortable and ergonomically sound. This not only reduces your chance of injury but also increases productivity and keeps you focused. A good chair, sit stand desk, well designed computer peripherals, all help keep your workspace ergonomically correct. Apart from correct tools, consider these four areas to improve your time in the office.

  • Head and Neck: To keep your neck, shoulders, and back free from injury, your head should be vertical to your neck, don’t lean forward or back, focus on keeping your eyes on the monitor with shoulders back and head level.
  • Hand and Wrist Position: Your hands and wrists should be in a neutral posture, similar to your head. Make sure your desk is the correct height and use good ergonomic keyboards, wrist rests, etc
  • Seated Posture and Back Support: Find a posture that allows you to see the screen while sitting back in a way that provides lower back support, using a good chair, footrest and well adjusted desk and chair.
  • Behaviour: Make sure you take short breaks often, use a sit stand desk and change your posture from seated, to slightly inclined, to fully standing at the desk at various times during the workday